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I believe that taking Western medicine is scary! IF you can eliminate all medicines from your body and let your own body defend itself ;p You will be thankful when you realize how much healthier and cleaner your body is.

Anyways, I believe that Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM can aid our body in detoxing. Sometimes our body needs some triggers from within to help health and flush our body of toxins. Today I went to my first visit with a traditional Chinese acupuncturist. I know what your thinking, thats going to be expensive! HOWEVER, now springing up across the US are Community Acupuncture Clinics.Go visit and see! Listed below is a website to help you locate a clinic in your local area! 

If it is your first time to TCM you can explain to them that you are doing a detox and to help you jump start the process. Chances are your body is ridden with toxins and they can tell things that you are suffering from and it’ll blow your mind!

From reading my pulse my doctor knew that I hardly sleep, I am restless when I do sleep, that I have gained weight recently and that my body has toxins. 

He recommends I sleep earlier! ;p Therefore, I am going to TRY to sleep earlier !!,0/18000/ 



Hello !

Well hello I started a detox. I am normally healthy, but after traveling in Asia for the last four months I my diet and body went to hell in a handbasket. I ate street vendor food with oil, sugar, and a tone of other shitty foods. I am sure many of you have fallen off the wagon a time or two, Christmas, holidays, breakups, birthdays, etc.etc. However, that is no reason to stay fat forever! We need to fight to get our bodies back, even if it sucks. At the end of the day our bodies are going to take us through this life so we must keep it clean and healthy.

Our bodies are our best investment in this life. Our own personal BMWs. If you want to keep your BMW clean you have to take care of it. You must have tune ups and oil changes. This is what we are doing, we are tuning our bodies up! We are changing the oil in our bodies if you may ;p

Today is the first tune-up:

No sugars, meats, eggs, diary, yeast, umm what else? A lot ;p

I am also going to sweat for an hour a day! Do some sort of work out to get your body moving and sweating.

Lets go ;p