Monthly Archives: January 2013

Personally, I have had an extremely difficult time with wearing hijab. Whenever I first converted to Islam I began wearing hijab within the first 6 months. However,  I truly believe I wore it out of peer pressure rather than out of my heart. I ended up taking off the hijab. It was a difficult decision, but I feel it was the right decision for me at the time. I was not wearing it out of the goodness of my heart and I was not completely convienced that I should be wearin hijab.

I found the hijab difficult because I am a summer girl at heart! I love wearing shorts, tanktops, bathing suits, bikinis, tshirts, etc. I literally live in these clothes in the summer :o:o The first summer I converted to Islam I would only wear these things in my personal home. The second summer I was more relaxed and wore shorts out kind of everywhere 😥

However, it was not until I got my first job that I started to see how the hijab protects woman! My boss was always hitting on me and trying to make moves on me. I worked with an economic think tank and my boss was extremely well-educated (from Cambridge), he also always told me he’d help me gain acceptance there. After he said that he tried to touch my leg and on another occasion he tried to kiss me. Once these events transpired, I could not help but think if I were wearing the hijab this would probably not have happened. I even wrote him on several occasions about his passes at me. I was too shy to go to human-resources about this, so I eventually quit my job. After this event in my life I made a declaration to dress more conservatively and to cover more. I began wearing longer pants and long shirts. After about two months I started to seriously consider wearing hijab.

I began wearing hijab around one month ago.

What is my challenge today?

EVERYTIME I watch television and see girls walking around in shorts and a tshirt I think to myself, I will NEVER be able to do that. Everytime I see girls swimming in bathing suits, I think I will NEVER be able to do that again. Is it upsetting? Only for one split second and I remind myself, inshAllah Allah will reward me for my committment to him. Ladies, the hijab really does protect you!! I belief that. I know it is difficult. I know it is scary. However, it is worth it.

I will discuss hijab more in detail in a later post. However, for now I need to run some errands!

Ladies, even if you are not wearing hijab- dress conservatively! Keep making Salat and Dua’a. Never underestimate Allah. Two years ago I said I would NEVER wear hijab in my life! SubhannAllah, allah really softened my heart!