Personally, I have had an extremely difficult time with wearing hijab. Whenever I first converted to Islam I began wearing hijab within the first 6 months. However,  I truly believe I wore it out of peer pressure rather than out of my heart. I ended up taking off the hijab. It was a difficult decision, but I feel it was the right decision for me at the time. I was not wearing it out of the goodness of my heart and I was not completely convienced that I should be wearin hijab.

I found the hijab difficult because I am a summer girl at heart! I love wearing shorts, tanktops, bathing suits, bikinis, tshirts, etc. I literally live in these clothes in the summer :o:o The first summer I converted to Islam I would only wear these things in my personal home. The second summer I was more relaxed and wore shorts out kind of everywhere ūüė•

However, it was not until I got my first job that I started to see how the hijab protects woman! My boss was always hitting on me and trying to make moves on me. I worked with an economic think tank and my boss was extremely well-educated (from Cambridge), he also always told me he’d help me gain acceptance there. After he said that he tried to touch my leg and on another occasion he tried to kiss me. Once these events transpired, I could not help but think if I were wearing the hijab this would probably not have happened. I even wrote him on several occasions about his passes at me. I was too shy to go to human-resources about this, so I eventually quit my job. After this event in my life I made a declaration to dress more conservatively and to cover more. I began wearing longer pants and long shirts. After about two months I started to seriously consider wearing hijab.

I began wearing hijab around one month ago.

What is my challenge today?

EVERYTIME I watch television and see girls walking around in shorts and a tshirt I think to myself, I will NEVER be able to do that. Everytime I see girls swimming in bathing suits, I think I will NEVER be able to do that again. Is it upsetting? Only for one split second and I remind myself, inshAllah Allah will reward me for my committment to him. Ladies, the hijab really does protect you!! I belief that. I know it is difficult. I know it is scary. However, it is worth it.

I will discuss hijab more in detail in a later post. However, for now I need to run some errands!

Ladies, even if you are not wearing hijab- dress conservatively! Keep making Salat and Dua’a. Never underestimate Allah. Two years ago I said I would NEVER wear hijab in my life! SubhannAllah, allah really softened my heart!



Ya, so I started Brazilian Butt Lift! I run, well was a runner until last week! (Tendentious) Anyways, I did the first video last night and my bumbum is killing me ;p Its a good thing! IT really works out the muscles around the ass ;p We all need a killer booty and mine is a little out of shape at this moment. I am taking my measurements and will tell you about the workout along the way.

Today I had to shorten the cardio workout because my knee was hurting too badly to dance ;'( I am usually so active and have ran races in the past, so this knee injury is really putting my in a bitter mood! 

However, I will tell you my honest results after one week and tell you each week at “check-in” if my booty shrinks any!¬†

Today I went to one of the kids Halloween parties and I did so well during the cooking and the gathering. However, when I got home :/:/ I failed!! :(:(

HOW can one person who used to have so much control lose all control somtimes? How do you help yourself get back into self-control. The last few months of have been so stressful and I think in some ways I have been battling depression, but how can I get my life back together?

I want to start with my health and then move onto my mental state. I believe when I get my health back that I will get better mentally.

:/: Help Help Help.



Hello, Sexy Megan Fox is vegan! ;p Enough reason we should all switch to vegan diet hahahaha



Natalie Portman- Notice I did not use a picture from Black Swan because that is too unrealistic for the average person! She was too thin in that movie and looks better with a little meat on her bones ;p She is soo radiant and beautiful! 


Bill CLinton is the newest to the vegan community !! 


Ellen and stunning wife Portia are new to the vegetarian trend as well ;p

However, it should not be taken that being a vegan will allow you to automatically look like these celebs, nor should we want to. All of these celebrities advocate “veganism” for health purposes over weight loss!¬†


I believe that taking Western medicine is scary! IF you can eliminate all medicines from your body and let your own body defend itself ;p You will be thankful when you realize how much healthier and cleaner your body is.

Anyways, I believe that Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM can aid our body in detoxing. Sometimes our body needs some triggers from within to help health and flush our body of toxins. Today I went to my first visit with a traditional Chinese acupuncturist. I know what your thinking, thats going to be expensive! HOWEVER, now springing up across the US are Community Acupuncture Clinics.Go visit and see! Listed below is a website to help you locate a clinic in your local area! 

If it is your first time to TCM you can explain to them that you are doing a detox and to help you jump start the process. Chances are your body is ridden with toxins and they can tell things that you are suffering from and it’ll blow your mind!

From reading my pulse my doctor knew that I hardly sleep, I am restless when I do sleep, that I have gained weight recently and that my body has toxins. 

He recommends I sleep earlier! ;p Therefore, I am going to TRY to sleep earlier !!,0/18000/